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Inclusivity Is Me - Services

Inclusivity Is Me


We provide linkage to services and resources for adults, families and adolescents.


Special Education Expert, Navigating and Negotiating services for students with disabilities throughout their K-12 education.

An advocate will attend IEP meetings to ensure the best interest of the student. An advocate will be available to answer questions regarding student’s education, to review student’s school records, and to discuss classifications, programs, appropriate placement, IEP goals, and related services.

Life After High School, A professional development training to promote high school graduates navigate post-graduation options. After the training, attendees will pinpoint career interests, navigate career search engines, create a cover letter and resume. In addition to obtaining interview tips.


Computer Skills, A professional development training where attendees will learn basic Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook skills. This training will advance your professional skills, whether you’re new or want to refresh your skills.

Train Your Team, Educate care managers and case management teams with first step and essentials skills working with diverse populations. Trainings include all evidence-based person-centered trainings which promote behavioral change, organizational culture change, and improve health and wellness. Motivational Interviewing. Trauma Informed Care. Wellness Recovery Action Plan.

Care Management, We provide information about long term care, home health care, assisted living and nursing homes. In addition to suggesting needed services.


Consulting, As a liaison through grants & contracts. We support individuals, learning institutes, parents, faith-based organizations and additional incorporation's, navigate and negotiate support services. 

Money Mind Matter, A real-world financial literacy training proven to aid in understanding finances. Attendees will enhance their personal financial management skills.

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